1) Summary from ATF2 PS review from last week -- Paul Bellomo, Andrei Seryi;
2) Summary of CF&S remaining questions from this morning CF&S RDR review -- Fred Asiri
3) Discussion of Beam dump meeting agenda (May 3-5) -- Tom Markiewicz
4) Discussion of BDS underground requirements -- Andrei Seryi
5) Summary of Magnet Technical meeting from last week -- Cherrill Spencer


Paul and Andrei reported about meeting last week devoted to review of power supply system for ATF2 and that SLAC HA system was selected for ATF2.

Fred reported about CF&S review this morning and told that, in particular, requirements for beam dump need to be defined. He suggested that 4m tunnel is ok for 20mrad ff but 5m needed for 2 mrad ff as "swing" is larger. Discussed that floors should be sealed to avoid dust.

Tom discussed agenda for beam dump meeting at SLAC. Tom Mattison mentioned that tune up dump may need to be full power for reasons to keep e+ DR warm.

Andrei described BDS underground requirements. Ken Moffeit suggested that it is desirable to reduce laser path from 300 to 100m.

Cherrill summarized magnet meeting last week, in particular described naming convention etc. It was noted, in particular, that tables shown do not include correctors in BDS, while there are some.

Andrei Seryi, 05/06/06