1) Joint with Magnet Technical System meeting:
BDS power needs for magnets, power supplies and cable plant semi-automatically designed with Excel/Matlab
tools -- Tom Markiewicz
2) Discussion of consequences for layout if any
Materials related to Magnet Technical System meeting are here

Tom presented Excel tools that were developed in 1999 for NLC by Andy Ringwall. These tools allowed to make semi-automatic design of magnets for BDS, determine power and cooling water needs, design cable plant, and come with bottom-up cost estimate. Tom is reviving these tools to make it available for ILC BDS and other applications. The tools are also being converted to Matlab. This was discussed with Magnet experts present at the meeting. One of areas where such tools are most useful, is for overall cost optimization between magnets, cables and power supplies.


Andrei Seryi, 05/01/06