Agenda and Summary:

1) Discussion of recommended draft BCD/ACD text
2) Compact SC quad for intermediate crossing angle -- B.Parker
3) Summary of requirements and work plan for BSY, tune-up extraction and diagnostics -- M.Woodley
4) Civil questions on push-pull configuration -- C.Corvin

Discussion of BCD/ACD draft:

The group discussed draft of BCD/ACD document prepared for GDE.

Compact SC quad for intermediate crossing angle:

Brett updated the design of self-shielded QD0 quadrupole. In contrast to the previous design, where the field outside of QD0 was quite large and behaved as 1/R^3 (its nonlinear effects had to be compensated downstream), in the new design the external field is reduced by many orders of magnitude. This is done by a specially optimized external coil. The effect of this coil on the main gradient is small, about 4%. Assuming that the first extraction quad is moved downstream of QD0, this design allows decreasing of the crossing angle to 15.4mrad/12mrad for L*=3.5/4.5m with cold extraction line, and 20mrad/15.5mrad with warm extraction line.

BSY, tune-up extraction, diagnostics:

Mark summarized design requirements for the BSY, diagnostics and tune-up extraction. The beamlines design will be modified according to the presented plan.

Civil questions on push-pull configuration:

Clay presented layout and cost considerations relevant for push-pull single IR configuration and the group started discussion of these issues.


Andrei Seryi, 09/15/05