Updates on protection collimators:

Mikhail Kostin presented updates on protection collimation considerations. Studies have shown that these collimators need to be lengthened to about 60cm, in which case the absorbed dose decrease by three orders of magnitude and lifetime of the quads increase to a reasonable number (~10 years).  Temperature rise and stress in the collimators were also analyzed and found not a problem.

2mrad extraction optics with short final doublet and diagnostics:

Yuri Nosochkov presented an updated design of 2mrad optics with short final doublet. This FD was first optimized by Deepa, and then slightly modified to increase separation from FD to the first extraction quad. The full downstream energy and polarimetry diagnostics is included into this optics. For the nominal parameters, the losses occur only on collimators: 3.3kW on the first one and ~160kW on the collimator near the dump, which reduce the beam size at the dump window to about 25cm. This latest collimator still can be reoptimized (or split) to reduce losses. The beam diagnostics in this optics was also discussed at today's IPBI meeting (IPBI meeting of June 16). Update on the 20mrad extraction line is also linked to this page.


We have also discussed recent results on background simulations, feedbacks, upstream optics, pair monitors and magnets, in the view of oncoming BDIR workshop.


Andrei Seryi, 06/16/05