Agenda & brief summary:

The following questions were discussed in terms of making progress before BDIR workshop and Snowmass:

Real magnets for IRs
IR in Geant with real magnets and BPMs for 3 detector concepts
Real magnets for extraction
Short FD FF/extraction optics design for 2mrad
Beam dump design
Collimation optics optimization
Collimation apertures optimization
Beam losses and performance vs parameter range
Tune-up dump design
Conventional facility design
BDS feedback and jitter specs
Energy acceptance question
Laser wire signal and beam size in BDS
Alternative small x-ing angle schemes
Tuning strategies and needed instrumentations

For the real magnets, in particular, the issue is that large aperture SC quads may be larger than what we currently assume in Geant models. See the attached Brett's note. More studies will be done to determine the realistic size of the magnets and to understand if there is interference with different detectors. 

The issue of interference of 2mrad IR with detector will be studied. This is in particular important since the 2mrad FD is being redesigned to shorten it, to improve optics and collimation performance. See summary from Deepa here: meeting on 19/05/05.

For the BDIR workshop discussion, the goals, schedule and possible common sessions have been discussed


Andrei Seryi, 05/25/05