1) Power Load from Radiative Bhabhas in the 2 mrad Extraction Line -- T. Maruyama
2) Summary of 22 April 2005 2 mrad IR Phone Meeting w/European colleagues -- M. Woodley
3) Summary of 21 April 2005 Beam Dump Meeting (w/ D. Walz) -- Lew Keller



Takashi showed that while power load is < 1W/10cm even for the 1 TeV hi-lum parameter set, the electrons strike the magnet in a narrow band around the horizontal midplane.  The density may be high and the possibility of quenching an SC magnet may still be a possibility.

Mark reviewed the 2 mrad discussion. Points of note:

Lew reviewed the dump meeting. Points:


Tom Markiewicz, 04/29/05