1) Brief update on SC compact quad design -- Brett Parker
2) ILC parameters from the Parameters Working Group -- Tor Raubenheimer
3) Options for ILC crab cavity -- Chris Adolphsen
4) Beam dump space requirements -- Lew Keller and Fred Asiri


Brett very briefly discussed the drawing of the SC compact final quad produced at BNL. This will be studied and discussed in details at some of the next meetings. The Autocad drawings will also be made available on the web, to facilitate discussion and exchange.

Tor presented the Suggested ILC Parameters Range. There are a number of options, such as Nominal, low charge, large y-size, low power, high luminosity. The group need to evaluate these sets and give feedback to the parameters group. In particular, several sets call for smaller IP beta-functions, larger IP beam divergence, higher beamstrahlung beam losses. Impact on the optics, extraction line performance, etc., need to be evaluated.

Chris presented options for the ILC crab cavity. The options considered are SC cavities with 1.3 and 3.9 GHz and normal conducting (NC) x-band and s-band cavities. Chris reviewed in details the activities on 3.9 GHz SC deflecting cavity designed at Fermilab for the CKM project. From the SC options, this is the closest match. For the NC cavities, considering the aperture limitation which exclude the x-band crab cavity, the s-band "Lola" deflecting cavity seem to be a good choice. These options will be evaluated further and discussed at some of the next meetings. 

Lew discussed space constraints for the beam dump and concluded that 2.4m between the dump center and the incoming beam, that was assumed earlier, is too little, and we need to assume about 3.5m. This would change the layout of the 2mrad extraction line: it would become longer by about 150m. 


Andrei Seryi, 03/01/05