This meeting was devoted to discussion of 2mrad extraction design with European colleagues

Rob Appleby, Philip Bambade, Olivier Napoly, Brett Parker, Mikhail Kostin, Deepa Angal-Kalinin, Olivier Dadoun, Andrei Seryi, Yuri Nosochkov, Cherrill Spencer, Takashi Maruyama, Lew Keller 

At this meeting we discussed:

1) The latest design of 2mrad extraction, see February 22 meeting notes and files
2) Materials posted at MDI at LAL web page
3) Update on layout and spectra after collimation
4) Summary notes from February 23 meeting of European colleagues

Notes from the meeting


The group discussed the progress of the 2mrad extraction line design and outlined the next steps. See the notes from the meeting for the details.

Andrei Seryi, 02/25/05