SLAC Research Project

    Summer Student Research for the Next Linear Collider (NLC)


Student Researchers:

Rachel Lansom

Sara Waugh


Josef Frisch



A. Schematic Diagram


       II. Electronics: Basic Terms

A. Mixing 2 frequencies

1. Calculation


III. Noise Tests

A. What is Noise?

B. Synthesizer Test

1. Goal of Experiment and Diagram of Test Circuit

2. Comparing dBm to mW and Power variation calculation

3. Capacitor plate calculation:  acceptable offset distance

C. Amplifier Test

1. Graph of rms/gain vs. gain

2. Attenuator Test

D. Noise Equation

1. Diagram

2. General equation for determining noise/motion relationship


IV. Capacitor

A. Sample Calculations

1. Capacitance

2. Frequency

B. Diagram

C. Photographs

D. Measurements

1. Graph: DC Volts per Micron

2. Final Noise Calculations



V. Conclusion




Special thanks to: Doug McCormick, Knut Skarpaas VIII, and fellow intern Carlos Damian