Access to the SLAC Site, Parking and Meeting Room Location

The SLAC Main Gate

As you enter the SLAC campus from Sand Hill Road, take the visitor's lane closest to Guard House(Bldg. 83). You will need to tell them you are here for the meeting and show a picture ID. Security will have been given a list of all registered participants. Turn left after the entrance to go to the Guest House (Bldg.49; lot will be the first on your left). Turn right after the entrance to access the parking lots (A & H) nearest the Research Office Building (ROB, Bldg.48).


With much construction on site, parking will be tight on weekdays. Please carpool if at all possible. SLAC does not use parking stickers and all unmarked spaces are fair game. Handicapped parking is available in all lots. Lot A nearest ROB fills up rapidly. Lot H is large and also conveniently located; continue around the loop road and enter from the west side as the road closest to Bldg.48 is one way in the wrong direction. Lot H and C are large and tend to have space until mid-morning. Use common sense if you need to park along the ring road.

Redwood A&B & Cedar Rooms

The Redwood Rooms are on the ground floor on the west side of the ROB, behind the glass doors that separate the building from the patio in the SW corner.  We will have the plenary sessions and breaks here. The Cedar room, to be used for the magnet parallel sessions, is also on the ground floor of ROB, immediately to the left as you enter the ROB from the east side.

 SLAC Site