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LAT Documentation

bulletLAT Parts Program Control Plan (PDF)


bulletNASA QA Directives and Standards
bulletIncludes NASA Parts Policy and Workmanship Standards
bulletNASA Electronic Parts and Packaging Program
bulletNASA Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center
bulletTraining courses in fabrication, assembly and inspection of space flight and ground support hardware
bulletGSFC Component Technologies & Radiation Effects Branch 
bulletGSFC Project Component Engineering Group 
bullet Includes:
bullet GSFC Preferred Parts List: PPL-21
bullet GSFC Parts Requirements Document: 311-INST-001
bullet GSFC Procurement and Test Methods Specifications
bullet Electronic Parts Information Management System (EPIMS)
bullet Parts Analysis Web System (PAWS)
bullet Component Technologies Laboratory
bulletIPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries)
bulletJPL Parts Program 
bulletElectrical Grounding Architecture for Unmanned Spacecraft, NASA-HDBK-4001

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

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